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The Ultimate Crowdfunding Checklist for Early Stage Startups

Crowdfunding has opened up a unique avenue for start-ups who want to raise business capital. This funding option should not be considered as a quick and easy solution since a … Continue reading

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3 Crowdfunding Mistakes to avoid at all cost

  Crowdfunding is by far one of the largest routes to market for startups right now, helps to build brand awareness and can provide you with a crowd of ambassadors for … Continue reading

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2 equity crowdfunding campaigns that made the most of their brands

When it comes to reaching crowdfunding readiness, there’s a science to the preparation, but an art to the process. There are many tried and tested ‘must dos’, that will help … Continue reading

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5 steps to kick start building your business whilst still in a day job If you were born an entrepreneur but you are working a 9 to 5 job, there’s … Continue reading

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The Importance of your Crowdfunding Hit List

Crowdfunding campaigns that have very quick initial momentum are often caused by lots of hard work from the team prior to the campaign launch. Take Oppo Ice Cream for example, … Continue reading

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5 ways to prove to investors that your idea is investment worthy

Crowdfunding is a very popular way of rising money for your start-up because it can be fast, it can help to build brand awareness and it can allows to grow … Continue reading

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign Crowdfunding is an amazingly powerful way to raise funding for a startup, however it doesn’t work for everybody. Getting a … Continue reading

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How to beat the odds when crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is one of the largest and most popular funding routes for start-ups right now. But if you think that it is a risk free way of getting your idea … Continue reading

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Should you consider hiring a crowdfunding consultant?

Crowdfunding might seem like a difficult task when you have never done it before. There are so many things to research, plan and execute. How can you possibly succeed if … Continue reading

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10 secrets for a successful start up

Start-ups are all in the spot light right now. Since Airbnb took the online world by storm we’ve seen the rise of all sorts of online platforms trying to sell … Continue reading

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