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Zucla, Floodfrog, Meetzoo.

We at Crowd10 are proud to introduce three fantastic businesses due to launch on Crowdcube imminently.  What’s especially exciting about our programme is the variety of the companies we’ve got onboard, and … Continue reading

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Top 9 ways to fund your start-up

  One common problem that all start-ups face is: Where do I find the money to get my business off the ground? Well, there isn’t one simple answer to this … Continue reading

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Spotlight on BB Boutique

  Brought to you by award winning blog Bespoke Bride, is a carefully curated marketplace, for high quality, unique and stylish wedding suppliers. BB Boutique offers hundreds of unique products, … Continue reading

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Spotlight on FIT

FIT, a new science-based sports apparel company, is aiming to shake up the sports market. With clothing that improve performance, the brand includes T-shirts and vests specially designed for endurance … Continue reading

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Name Your Price! – Spotlight on BeyondTag

The idea behind BeyondTag took form during a long weekend road trip. Founders Sundar and Sia had both been in situations where they loved a watch or an evening dress … Continue reading

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Spotlight on iBuySell: Sell your Stuff in 90 Seconds!

Like all the best ideas, iBuySell came from personal experience. As a small retailer, Kaustuva Mukherjee used sites like eBay and Amazon for his sales. However, he grew increasingly frustrated … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Styliff, the virtual dressing room app

Styliff started out like so many other apps, with a coder and a designer meeting up to work on a side project. However, things changed in 2013, when Konrad Zuwala … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Alessia Sannazzaro and Choosic

Alessia Sannazzaro has always loved to create. Since graduating from London’s Goldsmiths and Queen Mary University in 2012, she has helped to develop Choosic, an app which allows you to … Continue reading

July 27, 2015 · Leave a comment

Spotlight on Daniele Grassi and Timeneye

Daniele Grassi got hooked into computers at an early age. “When I was eight years old,” he says, “my mom was employed by an accountant and worked from home, and … Continue reading

July 13, 2015 · Leave a comment