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9 Interesting and surprising facts about crowdfunding in 2015

Advances in digital technology have changed the way businesses enter the market and find clients. Nowadays, we live in a world where, without leaving your house, it’s possible to create … Continue reading

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11 signs that you were born an entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs feel it in their bones that they were born to do their own thing. They are dissatisfied as employees and all they want is to create, build and … Continue reading

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7 steps to an efficient day, everyday!

Efficient time management is an important aspect of every entrepreneur’s life. For business to run smoothly and make progress, founders need to manage their time efficiently. There are countless time … Continue reading

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A non-standard video pitch guide for startups

Short videos are one of the best ways for you to promote your startup to investors and clients. Firstly, they’re short, which is important for our 5-second goldfish-like attention spans. … Continue reading

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The basics of branding

Brand building may seem unimportant when you are still struggling to validate your market or develop your minimum viable product. However, it is important to start building your brand right … Continue reading

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Top 9 ways to fund your start-up

  One common problem that all start-ups face is: Where do I find the money to get my business off the ground? Well, there isn’t one simple answer to this … Continue reading

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What is crowdfunding? Plus a bonus checklist to prepare you for a successful funding round!

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular fundraising method.  To crowdfund, means to persuade a group of individuals to invest in or donate to your business/project. In many cases, investment … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Business Partner

Choosing your business partner could make or break your business. A great partner can bring a range of skills and talents to your startup, helping it to go from strength … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Daniele Grassi and Timeneye

Daniele Grassi got hooked into computers at an early age. “When I was eight years old,” he says, “my mom was employed by an accountant and worked from home, and … Continue reading

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Meet Alan and Marek, Founders of weBounty

It all began with two men sat at a kitchen table. Marek Belski and Alan Davis were talking about various potential ideas for businesses, when the topic turned to Kickstarter. … Continue reading

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