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Zucla, Floodfrog, Meetzoo.

We at Crowd10 are proud to introduce three fantastic businesses due to launch on Crowdcube imminently.  What’s especially exciting about our programme is the variety of the companies we’ve got onboard, and … Continue reading

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So you think you don’t need PR? — Bath Digital Festival 2016

Public relations is often defined as “free publicity”. But in reality, good PR is much more than that. The right campaign will help you do business better by raising your … Continue reading

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Alumni interview: Matthew Dunne founder of Local Vets.

As part of a series of interviews with our alumni we spoke to Matthew Dunne, founder of Local Vets, a network of independently owned veterinary practices, about his crowdfunding journey. … Continue reading

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An Interview With the Founder of Local Vets – Supporting Local, Independent Veterinary Practices.

Local Vets are now overfunding on Crowdcube. We took the opportunity to talk to their founder, Matthew Dunne about the business and their crowdfunding success. How does it feel to … Continue reading

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An Interview With The Chocolate Bear!

On Monday evening James Gordon of The Chocolate Bear kitchen hosted a Crowd10 investor banquet, laying on an extremely tasty, inclusive dining experience for over 50 people in a showcase … Continue reading

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Meatcure’s Approach To Crowdfunding

We built Meatcure the same way we built our impossibly good burgers by doing things properly and our approach to crowdfunding was no different. We talked about crowdfunding soon after … Continue reading

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2 equity crowdfunding campaigns that made the most of their brands

When it comes to reaching crowdfunding readiness, there’s a science to the preparation, but an art to the process. There are many tried and tested ‘must dos’, that will help … Continue reading

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The Importance of your Crowdfunding Hit List

Crowdfunding campaigns that have very quick initial momentum are often caused by lots of hard work from the team prior to the campaign launch. Take Oppo Ice Cream for example, … Continue reading

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Nobody wants to be the first person on the dance floor.

This week we feature a guest post from Alysia Wanczyk, Marketing Director for the major European Equity-Crowdfunding platform Most successful equity crowdfunding campaigns have a few things in common. … Continue reading

September 7, 2015 · 1 Comment

Crowdfunding: Don’t Assume that Your ‘Crowd’ Gives a Sh*t

Kirsty Ranger, Founder and CEO of IdeaSquares, writes about two crowdfunding mistakes people make all too often… I’ve supported companies in raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for their startups via … Continue reading

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