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The Crowdfunding Secrets of 7 Successful Entrepreneurs

Equity crowdfunding can be daunting and complicated. At IdeaSquares we help entrepreneurs to get fully-funded on Crowdcube via our programme, Crowd10. We asked some of the stars of Crowd10 to share the valuable lessons they learned from their crowdfunding experiences:

Matt Mears, Temple Cycles

“Really focus on engaging with your existing network. All the hard work you have put in over the years, offering the best service you can to your customers will pay off, as they will want to invest in you. Second to that, you need to have a really tight and visually appealing Business Plan. We spent months refining our Business Plan document and it paid off.”

Sarah Bolt, Forth

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is just about the preparation, yes that is important but you also have to be ‘on it’ from the first day your campaign goes live. Make sure you’ve got lots of energy to respond to the questions and business plan requests that keep your email box pinging long into the night”

James Gordon, Chocolate Bear Kitchen

“Don’t underestimate the power of a physical meeting – get in front of people and talk about your business. Even if you’re not expecting them to invest, they could potentially know of somebody who would be interested or even give you feedback on how you present your business, your raise and yourself. It’s all good sending emails, but in my experience, nothing gets across your passion and belief more than a face to face meeting.”

Clare Mellor, My Friends Room

“Don’t give up, stay positive and keep thinking outside the box.”

Matthew Dunne, Local Vets

“Don’t leave investors hanging. A successful campaign will create lots of activity – from business plan requests to comments on the discussion board, to emails and phone calls from potential investors. Make yourself available and get back to people within hours not days. Investors are busy people, and will want the information they need as quickly as possible.”

Paul Lewis-Borman, Meetzoo

“Most of your investment will come from your existing network so validate the value of your own network BEFORE you do anything else. And validate does not mean “estimate”! Go to your network and get pledges!”

Ben Jeffries, Influencer

Organise plenty of meetups as this is where you can ‘butter-up’ investors. Don’t rely on 10 Investors who have declared interest as 9 probably won’t come through.

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People and communication are common themes running through the advice we collected. A robust investment case is built on credibility and trust, which can be hard-won.
If you are considering a crowdfunding raise in the future, start to focus on your network now. It is one of the cornerstones of a successful raise.

Indeed, a strong, engaged network may the secret of success in business generally.

Above all, support from IdeaSquares and our Crowd10 programme will without doubt significantly increase your chances of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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