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Zucla, Floodfrog, Meetzoo.

We at Crowd10 are proud to introduce three fantastic businesses due to launch on Crowdcube imminently.  What’s especially exciting about our programme is the variety of the companies we’ve got onboard, and these three neatly encapsulate this diversity. One thing which unites them all is passion.

Zucla creates Fresh, tailored lunches. Fresh healthy food cooked right in front of you in their theatre kitchen. This concept is new, unique & well received having served over 40,000 lunches in our first 8 months from their Fleet St London site. They are raising funds to launch more sites.


Read more about Zucla here and be sure to sign up on their pre-launch campaign page here.



Floodfrog has developed a fast-acting water-swellable seal that will be used as the basis for a range of temporary flood protection products.  With 5.2 million homes at risk of flooding in England alone* and increasing flood risk worldwide, the company aims to produce innovative yet simple, lower cost products for mass markets.

*Environment Agency, Flooding in England a National Assessment of Flood Risk 2009

Sign up for Floodfrog on their pre-launch campaign page here.


Meetzoo is a meeting management app that combines people’s business calendars with collaborative note taking and social networking. Meetzoo users can see the LinkedIn profiles of people they meet, see when they met before, share agenda items, notes and actions and quickly connect with new people on social media.


Follow Meetzoo on Twitter here and give them a like on Facebook.

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This entry was posted on September 29, 2016 by in Apps, Crowdfunding, Marketing, Spotlight, Startups.
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