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Meatcure’s Approach To Crowdfunding

We built Meatcure the same way we built our impossibly good burgers by doing things properly and our approach to crowdfunding was no different.


We talked about crowdfunding soon after site two. As the demand for Meatcure grew so did our expansions plans. We knew we had a model that could self populate more sites however crowdfunding allowed us to get it done sooner. With site three up and running and site four well on its way we recruited the absolute best in the crowdfunding business to work alongside us.

As a team we pulled no punches and weren’t afraid to ask questions and learn fast. We got things done and got them done quickly however we didn’t sweat it if it didn’t go to plan, we simply found another route to success. It helps that Paul and I are not afraid to make decisions quickly and independently. We built our presentation quickly, made it fun, engaging and extremely visual in a language both we and our cult customer following understood. If nothing else we wanted to get across our passion, ambition and commitment to doing things properly. 

We’ve always had a strong social media presence so that was and easy platform to manage. We then went about building a campaign as if we were running for election – beermats, postcards, tee’s and even pictures with us on the High Street sharing the burger love! Our staff have become our family and their families our guests so we started there with our campaign which soon led to suppliers, customers and varying levels of investors getting in on the action. We kept it simple ensuring we responded quickly and efficiently and most importantly kept the language human!

Meatcure was born out of our passion to build restaurants we want to hang out in and food we want to eat. We put around us amazing people that share our passion and are equally invested in doing things properly. We don’t cut corners, we’re not pretentious and we love what we do. It appears that you all do too! 

You can view Meatcure’s crowdfunding campaign now on

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