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6 secrets to a successful equity crowdfunding campaign

equity crowdfunding

Funding your start-up through an equity crowdfunding platform is a great option because it can be fast, it can help to build brand awareness and it can provide you with a crowd of ambassadors for your product/service.

Here are 6 secrets that will help you be successful with your crowdfunding campaign.


  1. Start building your network today

The vast majority of funds will always come from the founders’ network and connections. So, build your network before you start crowdfunding and get links and support from accredited investors. A good way to do this is by connecting with online influencers, media and people who know them. Also, reach out to your friends and family and get them on your crowdfunding mailing list!

  1. Plan your communications

Communicate clearly, without the jargon and always have your perfect customers in mind. Build trust by showcasing your expertise. Show that you have a passionate and dedicated team with all necessary skills and always let investors know what your values are. This way you’ll ensure that you attract investors that are a good fit for your company.

  1. Tell your story

Your story matters. Let investors know your WHY. People buy from people and people connect with and remember good stories that align with their beliefs and their values. This is what will “hook” them and allow you to connect with them on an emotional level. Then, once you have their attention, reel them in with your projections and implementation plan. Speak about your vision to help them imagine your end goal and convince them by reminding them why your team has the right people to be invested in.

  1. Be strategic with your marketing

Plan your marketing strategy in advance. Identify a few platforms where your audience hangs out and build your follower base in advance by posting interesting content, asking questions and engaging directly. Find a few online groups to be active in and help people by sharing your knowledge. Find a few offline networking events that you like and attend regularly to make useful connections. Be consistent with your efforts. Once you launch your campaign, it will be much easier to engage people who already know, like and trust you.

  1. Show momentum

If you want to have a successful equity crowdfunding round, show support from the get-go. Investors are likely to support projects that look popular with others. It’s called social proof. People like to follow a crowd so ask your friends to support your campaign on the day that it launches and you will have a better chance to convince people that don’t know you that well to invest too.

  1. Use IdeaSquares

We’ve got a start to finish FREE toolset to support your application success. We provide automated tools and support so you can:

  • Choose the best crowdfunding platform for your goals
  • Test your ‘crowdfunding readiness’
  • Understand the effort involved in crowdfunding
  • Create a strong video script
  • Prepare your crowd for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign
  • Pre-launch your equity-crowdfunding campaign
  • Track how engaged your ‘crowd’ really are
  • Perfect your crowdfunding pitch
  • Plan and prepare for a quick and successful crowdfunding campaign

Don’t go at it alone, we are here to help so get in touch today!



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