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Name Your Price! – Spotlight on BeyondTag

The idea behind BeyondTag took form during a long weekend road trip. Founders Sundar and Sia had both been in situations where they loved a watch or an evening dress and would have bought it, but the price was just a little too high. Rather than waiting for sales to show up or bidding on auction sites, they set out to develop an easier, quicker way. On BeyondTag, a person can simply name the price they would like to pay and get instant confirmation if their offer is accepted.

How BeyondTag Works

Following the road trip, Sundar and Sia got to work on their new app. After countless late nights and cups of green tea, they transformed Beyond Tag into a Minimum Lovable Product (a term they prefer to MVP). Bringing in tech founder Juan – a good friend who had worked for Google, DreamWorks and Sony – they expanded their technical team and sought mentorship from the likes of a Stanford professor and a director at Startup Grind.

The BeyondTag team were no strangers to the difficult journey ahead: the three founders have 28 years of tech industry experience between them. Sundar completed a masters from Stanford University in 2010 with a focus on entrepreneurship, strategy and product management. While at Stanford, he was one of the founding members of a fraud prevention startup, lining up one of the top banks to test his product. Since graduating, he has worked closely with e-commerce CEOs and executives to design and launch innovative tech products.

Meanwhile, Sia graduated from Indiana State University and has worked in insurance and retail. She had led multiple digital technology programs and has been one of the core members of an innovation lab at a Fortune 500 company. Having been part of an innovation lab at such an early stage in her career, where each new product is like a startup in itself, she understands what it takes to launch a product and grow it successfully.

Moving forward, the team has ambitious plans for the future. They say, “We are focussed on generating more traction and raising capital to position BeyondTag for hyper growth on our long journey to achieving our vision of changing the way the world shops online today – every individual should have a say in what they pay!”

The team has already learned a lot from their journey so far: “One of the key things we have learnt is that the harder you work, the luckier you get in life. Entrepreneurship is a fun journey and it is very important to surround yourself with smart people who can help you, mentor you throughout the journey! We found this to be very true – when ordinary people connect, extraordinary things happen!”

BeyondTag was recently selected to compete in’s Startup of the Year competition and need as many votes as possible to win. They would really appreciate your support (& vote!) here: (there’s no need to register or provide email id – just click a button in the voting section).

The BeyondTag team is also looking for support and feedback from members of the IdeaSquares community. Check out their beta here or visit their square for more information.

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