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Spotlight on iBuySell: Sell your Stuff in 90 Seconds!

Like all the best ideas, iBuySell came from personal experience. As a small retailer, Kaustuva Mukherjee used sites like eBay and Amazon for his sales. However, he grew increasingly frustrated about the drawbacks involved. Although they may dominate global e-commerce, it can take more than 30 days to sell an item. The listing process can be long and complicated, requiring hours of research – and that’s without thinking about how you could promote your listing. Worse still, the high fees cut into his profit margins hard.

The existing options open to Kaustuva were hardly ideal. He found that online stores built using Shopify and similar platforms could cost more than $10,000 to promote. Google ad-words and apps like Threadflip, Mercari, Poshmark and Tophatter were similarly expensive due to their exorbitant fees, whilst Kaustuva thought social media campaigns were often ineffective for promoting retail businesses. “Above all, most of these platforms do not excite and engage the consumers,” he says. “Although I loved the convenience and the ease of use that most of the apps offered I wanted to create a live engaging platform for shoppers that would engage and bring them back for more”.

“So from these personal experiences I thought why not build a platform that would be easy to use, fun, exciting, fast paced but rewarding to both the consumers and providers. After all, we all have something to sell and something to buy.” This thought process led to the creation of iBuySell, a fast-paced, dynamic new auction app. Just take a picture of what you want to sell, set a maximum and minimum price and iBuySell takes care of the rest. Each flash auction only lasts 90 seconds, creating a sense of urgency among potential buyers.

“With only a very short 90 seconds, buyers never know when someone else will snatch your item from them, so they won’t want to wait too long. 90 seconds is all it takes to sell anything! iBuySell sets up a rapid fire sessions of 90 sec for items in various categories such as fashion, jewellery, accessories, clothing, home products, electronics and many more,” says Kaustuva.

“I want to flip the current state on online retail marketplaces from a slow, passive and unrewarding platform to a live, heart pumping, fast moving and exciting platform that rewards both the seller and the buyer. The mission of iBuySell is to provide an easy to use and affordable platform for small business merchants, individual entrepreneurs and retailers to drive sales, promote their brand while engaging their customers and building relationships in a mutually rewarding manner. The way business should be!”

ibuyselliBuySell is one of many apps looking for support and feedback on Visit their square to join the discussion or add your own idea for free.

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