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Spotlight on Styliff, the virtual dressing room app

Styliff started out like so many other apps, with a coder and a designer meeting up to work on a side project. However, things changed in 2013, when Konrad Zuwala and Grega Trobec gained the funding they needed to expand their idea. Since then, Styliff has gone from strength to strength, attracting entrepreneurs from across the globe to join their team and expand their vision.

The team are certainly ambitious: they want to redefine the experience of shopping as we know it. “No queues, an unlimited selection of clothes, all in the same place and only seconds away,” says Lucas Poelman, International Business Developer.

The original idea for Styliff (then codenamed Project iDress) came three years ago. Grega was trying on clothes in a fitting room, when he realized just how much time was taken up by trying on different clothes. This gave him the idea for a virtual dressing room app: the perfect way to avoid spending so many hours changing in and out of clothes. Better yet Styliff allows users to share potential outfits on social media, getting help with their shopping decisions through likes and comments.

Along the startup journey, the Styliff team has learned a lot. Lucas says “I realized how dependent a startup is on external help and thus how valuable networking is. Therefore an entrepreneur must have very strong interpersonal skills and strong salesman skills to really spark interest and a relationship with people that could provide valuable help and open some pretty large doors. This is because you haven’t got facts and results to impress others and therefore you need to pitch the potential of the idea with passion and belief”.

Having learned those lessons along the way, Styliff is preparing for a bright future. They are currently in beta and planning to launch as soon as possible to gain proof of concept to raise money. Following this, there are plans to expand the marketing team and to add new features into the app. All the while, the Styliff team have some very big ambitions. “We want to implement a very innovative business model that will redefine the ecommerce model: where ordinary users will become paid stylists in order to finance their shopping,” says Poelman. “When a user’s look is purchased by someone else, the user will receive commission in the form of credit to finance his/her shopping on Styliff. We want to recruit professional stylists to create and sell looks on Styliff and earn a higher commission rate than ordinary users”.

Styliff is looking for your support and feedback on Visit their square to join the discussion, or view more ideas on our home page

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