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Spotlight on Daniele Grassi and Timeneye

Daniele Grassi got hooked into computers at an early age. “When I was eight years old,” he says, “my mom was employed by an accountant and worked from home, and I was fascinated by the computer she used (one of the first PCs), by the sound that the keyboard made, and by the sense you had, while typing away, that you could really program that box to do whatever you wanted”. Years later, Daniele graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in his native Italy.

Whilst he was at university, Daniele founded DM Digital with a friend, building software for small businesses in the area. The company has expanded and grown year after year, and it now employs ten people. In any circumstance this would be commendable, but this growth is particularly impressive given Europe’s ongoing economic crisis. Daniele argues that growing in these conditions has been a great advantage to DM Digital: “We saw several long­-lived companies (used to higher margins and less efficiency) go down in the recent years because they weren’t able to adapt to the totally different world we are living now. I strive to keep an adaptive and dynamic mentality as a core feature of DM Digital, as I feel this is the key to survive”.

One of DM Digital’s latest innovations is Timeneye – a new time tracking system that works across mobile and web platforms. “I’ve always been extremely interested in ways to optimize my workflow,” says Daniele, “because from the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure it was clear to me that time really is money, and, in the same way, it’s important not to waste time in activities that represent a pure overhead on your business. That’s where the core idea of Timeneye came from”.

After pitching Timeneye to bloggers and entrepreneurs, Daniele developed a solid user base despite having no marketing budget. Following a rebrand in November 2014, the product is now stable and DM Digital are continuing to update it with new features and integrations. Continuing into the future, Daniele has his eyes on more updates. “Our future roadmap is pretty busy. We have started developing Timeneye wearable apps and in a couple of months we’ll add invoicing tools to our web app. We’ll also release new versions of our mobile apps with new features and improved performances. We receive suggestions for new features every day from our customers and we believe that they are vital in order to improve our software”.

Reflecting on his experiences, Daniele has learned two key things. “First: that experience is often underrated by young entrepreneurs. I think that success can be obtained with the right mix of “cockiness” and experience, because you have to find the courage to try new things, but you must be able to learn quickly­ from the things that happen to you during your journey. Second: that you have to keep your mind open, and invest time to study and learn new things; Lagging behind is a capital sin”.

TImeneye is currently featured on Visit their square to join the discussion, visit their website to find out more, or add your own idea to get feedback and support. Daniele Grassi can be found on Twitter (@dgrassi84).

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