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Spotlight on Oliver Cross, Founder of Skwag

Shortly after moving in with his girlfriend, Oliver Cross was looking for somewhere to put his stuff. In one of the spare bedrooms, he found a large collection of shoes. “It occurred to me then that since we had been together, I had only seen her wear two or three pairs out of the bunch,” says Oliver. “Some of those shoes looked like they had never been worn.’” Oliver then thought, “So why doesn’t she swap them with her friends rather than keep buying new ones?” and the idea for Skwag was born.

Skwag is a free, simple to use app that allows users to upload their personal shoe collection and swap their footwear with others with similar tastes. If you’re looking for something new to wear without the expense of buying brand new shoes, Skwag could be perfect for you.

Oliver is originally from the UK, but has lived abroad since he was eighteen years old. He has always been fascinated with the possibilities presented by the internet, starting work on his first website aged just 15. Over the last ten years, he has worked in numerous roles to work his way up to Product Owner of a website belonging to one of the most popular online gaming brands in the UK.

His experiences working for startups in Spain encouraged him to begin a larger project of his own. This led to the creation of an online classic car social network. Oliver had seen there were plenty of classic car clubs online, but none aimed at documenting the history of cars whilst connecting their owners, both past and present. This website received great reviews and press coverage, and its success pushed Oliver into developing more complex and unique projects, resulting in his latest app Skwag.

After doing some initial research, Oliver found he was onto something unique. He decided to follow three primary principles for his new product: Simple, Shoes, Swap. Currently, Oliver is marketing Skwag through fashion and lifestyle websites, blogs and magazines to make an impact with the public at large. Oliver sees strategic location marketing as crucial to Skwag’s success, as the app needs users who live near to each other to encourage swaps to happen and for the app to grow naturally.

For Oliver, the hardest thing about running a startup is development and time management. “I have worked on other large projects and have always seen them take twice as long and really test the patience of the developers and product owners,” he says. “I wanted to make sure this project [Skwag] was founded on basic, simple and straightforward requirements”. Simple, Shoes, Swap… what could be easier?

To find out more about Skwag and give them support and feedback, check out their square here.

Skwag is one of thousands of ideas on, an online platform where entrepreneurs can receive the feedback they need to help their ideas grow. Click here to create a square and start your journey.

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