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What Makes a Good IdeaSquare?

When people first add their square to our site, they often ask us what makes a good IdeaSquare. In this post, we have collected seven important things to remember to make the most of your square and help it stand out from the crowd. If you follow our advice, you’re square should be trending on our home page in no time!


  1. Break the ice

Nobody likes to be the first person to start a discussion. Sidestep this awkwardness by getting the ball rolling yourself. By adding a comment to your square, you can show that you are ready to listen and respond to any queries people might have about your product. This will encourage them to start commenting, sparking greater discussion around your idea.

  1. Tell us what stage your business is at – and how to get to the next stage!

Sometimes, feedback can seem a bit too general. Telling the community about your current situation and your goals for the future will mean IdeaSquares users can give you more focussed feedback that is more relevant to your personal targets. This will help you to evaluate your idea more effectively and will be much more useful to you in the long term.

  1. Show your product in action

Many entrepreneurs create video pitches or walkthroughs to get their ideas across to potential customers and investors. So why not use the same tactic in your square? A video demonstration can make your idea easier to understand and allows viewers to see the benefits of your product or service for themselves. IdeaSquares supports videos on both YouTube and Vimeo.

  1. Keep the discussion going

Remember to check your square regularly for comments left by IdeaSquares. Many commenters will have questions for you, and answering these will help build the momentum around your page. If you don’t answer often enough, people may think you’re not listening and stop leaving comments altogether. Remember: a good square is a busy square!

  1. Bring your crowd

Share your square through social media to encourage your existing network to leave feedback. Previous customers can be particularly important sources of evaluation for your idea, and their experiences can also help other IdeaSquares users understand the ins-and-outs of your product. They will also help to build the discussion on your square and get you trending.

  1. Be an active member of the IdeaSquares community

Comment on other users’ squares to share your personal expertise and experiences with the community. This will boost your profile on the site, which will drive more traffic to your square. If you take the time to comment on someone’s square, they will check you out and potentially return the favour. After all, one good turn deserves another!

  1. Focus on what makes you unique

On each square, there is a 500 character maximum limit for you to describe your idea. Consequently you will need to focus on your unique selling points in order to stand out and let people know the benefits of your idea in a succinct way.

To create a free square for your idea which could be seen by business leaders, potential customers, beta testers and investors, click ‘Add your square’ at

Our premium service will see you featured in our newsletter and we will conduct targeted social media marketing on your behalf. Email for more information.

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