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Spotlight on: Applanga

The Applanga localization tool for mobile apps has the capacity to disrupt an ever-expanding market infiltrating every corner of the globe.  Their IdeaSquare sought the attention to receive a spotlight by possessing a unique selling point with obvious potential.

Mobile apps have risen in popularity over recent years, offering solutions to all of life’s niggles.  Overnight success can happen irrespective of an app’s origin; achieving the largest yield of new users will ultimately determine its shelf life. Developing a service with a perfect combination of brand and traction will often saturate the native-speaking audience, but initiating a process to facilitate regional differences can provoke global integration.

Achieving this integration requires the localization of an app’s interface for the target audience.  Even experienced developers require an immoderate amount of time to translate familiar code for cultural changes. The Applanga Software as a Service (SaaS) functions as an approachable conversion tool for an entire app interface – Applanga says, its service “dramatically simplifies the localization process, saving developers time and money”.

The Applanga solution provides Software Development Kit (SDK) integration, offering a simple methodology for conversion.  SDK pulls all translatable strings from your app with an approachable user interface for consistent translations using the Applanga web dashboard. These strings of text may be translated using in-house tools or a third party service of your choice.  Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, Xamarin, and Javascript ensures cross-device functionality.

Applanga  is capable of rendering a test version of your app; to be sure everything is displayed correctly and working properly before releasing to a new audience. Applanga pushes the translated version directly to your app’s users. No rebuild. No app store approval. No updates. No waiting”.


The proliferation of mobile devices within developing countries epitomises the case for adapting your app’s workings to accommodate an international user base. The universality of English does not wane other native speakers’ wish for the localization of certain applications. In a recent survey, “Nearly a quarter (24.5 percent) of all respondents answered that they would like to see more gaming apps in their native language and 23.6 percent responded similarly for news apps” according to eWeek.

Taking your app to a global audience has become one step easier with this code-free solution. Smartphones are becoming an affordable commodity across the developing world – app developers may seize this window of opportunity using the concise yet approachable Applanga tool. The straightforward and easy-to-use dashboard is a central hub where developers, product managers, and translators can each contribute to app translations.  Applanga is free for apps with less than 1,000 monthly active users, so sign up today to get started!

If you have any comments or questions about Applanga, please visit their IdeaSquare to leave your feedback.

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