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Spotlight on Ilana & Michael, Founders of Snact

Tonnes of perfectly good fruit gets thrown away before it reaches the shops – either because they don’t fit into certain aesthetic criteria or because they have passed their ideal shelf life. Snact aims to turn this wasted fruit into healthy snacks, starting with their nutritious fruit jerky.

Co-founders Ilana Taub and Michael Midge-Dixon have been friends since childhood. They both grew up in Brussels, where they attended school together. However, it was only in 2013 that they realised their shared interest in sustainability could form the basis of a business. “We started brainstorming ideas on food, as we realised that we were both really interested in the food system and passionate about creating change in it”, said Ilana. “Food waste is a huge issue – about 1/3 of the food we grow globally gets thrown away. After visiting London’s wholesale markets at the end of the trading day, we realised we could start doing something about it quickly. One thing led to another… and Snact was born!”

From then on, Michael and Ilana began to visit wholesale markets in London, where they bought excess fruit at the end of the trading day. To make their snacks, they rented a kitchen in Hackney where they took control of every part of production themselves – from sorting and washing the fruit, through chopping and blending, up to selling them at markets and pop-up events.

But last May brought changes to the business. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised close to £14,000 from over 250 backers, Snact has been able to grow and expand. “We’ve outsourced our manufacturing, and have adopted a new packaging that extends the shelf-life of the product,” said Ilana.

However, Ilana and Michael have never lost sight of the societal benefits of their business. As well as food waste, they are very aware of the dangers of food poverty. “It’s crazy,” said Ilana. “We waste loads of food and on the other side there are people in the UK who can’t afford and don’t have access to nutritious food”. To combat this, they have introduced a ‘Snactscription’ model, where fruit jerky is delivered directly to offices. Once enough offices are signed up, Ilana and Michael hope to employ people who have suffered from food poverty to deliver the snacks, giving them a steady source of income.

The future is looking bright for Snact, with another round of funding on the horizon. “We’re about to start raising investment so we can scale properly – and that involves a lot of brand development and increasing distribution. We’ve got really exciting plans for what Snact can become, so it’s all go from here!”

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