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Spotlight On: hiri

Trawling through a sea of emails is something every working professional has to do on a daily basis. In fact, the average employee checks their email once every five minutes – around 96 times a day. Mainstream email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, send users relentless notifications, encouraging you to dip in and out of your emails and disrupting your productivity. hiri is looking to challenge this status quo. This desktop email app helps managers, team leaders and entrepreneurs to reduce their email overload and spend more time doing the things they do best. “It’s a complete re-think of email and how it should be used,” says David Power, founder. “You can attend email training courses that do save you 30-40 minutes every day, but employees tend to slip back into their old habits after a month. We’ve baked best practice into the interface so that employees become unconsciously competent at email.”

First things first, hiri’s dashboard cuts down on distracting notifications thanks to its 30 minute pre-set timer, which encourages users to check their inbox less frequently. Productivity is the key issue here – when users check their emails less often, they have more time to devote to other tasks. This can save each user 30 minutes a day. “That may not sound like much, but if you’re an organisation of 400 people, that’s about 6,500 man days a year. That’s a massive productivity saving,” says Power.  

That is not hiri’s only innovation. When you send an email, you can tell the recipient what you want them to do with it. If you want them to act on your message, you put them in the ‘Action’ field. If it’s something people just need to be aware of, put them in the ‘FYI’ field. These will then be sent to separate ‘Actionable’ and ‘FYI’ inboxes. This enables team members to prioritise what they need to do over what they just need to know about. Users can then create ‘To Do’ lists to help them schedule their day by simply dragging and dropping messages across. What is more, hiri aims to improve the culture of communication within organisations. Users can give anonymous feedback on each other’s emails, allowing them to reflect and improve on their communication techniques.

An innovative new take on email, hiri is set to transform your working day. With backing from angel investors and Telefonica, Power is aiming high. “We want to replace Microsoft Outlook on every desktop – no small ambition”.

Hiri is currently looking for Office365 users to join their beta. Follow them on Twitter – @hiri – or check out their IdeaSquare and LinkedIn page to learn more.

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