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Spotlight on Johan Meyer: WalletTec Founder

Contactless payments are becoming ubiquitous across the developed world; entrepreneurs are combining their knowledge of the financial sector with the rapid-growth of technology to conceive Fintech. Johan Meyer is at the forefront of these developments, a finance and mobile technology enthusiast epitomising the spirit of dedication required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Fintech is striving forwards, combining financial incentives with the wealth of possibilities held by cloud-based technology. ‘Investors are finally waking up to the weakness of traditional banks and the possibilities of FinTech’ (Business Insider).

A background working with South Africa’s banking institutions provided a foundation of tacit knowledge to induce the development of mobile payments with the high-growth mobile payment startup: ‘WalletTec’. “I was lucky enough to have been involved in mobile money since the very early stages and to have seen how the concept grew from a very simple idea till something like Apple Pay and even IoT payments” (Johan Meyer).

Johan’s childhood revolved around working in his father’s businesses; nurturing an entrepreneurial sprit and appreciation of working towards what you want. Success in the  entrepreneurial tech sector is dictated by an aptitude for the challenges faced in a fiercely competitive environment. Johan began his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, a time when mobile communication technology was finding its feet. His passion for mobile technology and foresight of its potential to harness future services fuelled his interest for becoming an integral part of its development.

It was during this period that Johan began his own enterprise after working with Nellymoser, dealing with mobile payments. The business model was defunct, but the technology supporting the process had potential for development. A USA based company looking to capitalise on this development approached him, forming a partnership to create a mobile payments service. Persistence is imperative for success with entrepreneurial endeavours; listening to opinions of others, whilst not letting them influence your mind-set will ultimately determine your chances of success. “Being involved in the excitement of solving a massive problem in a specific market is what I love to do” (Johan Meyer)

Four statups later, Johan is still involved with mobile payments but from a different standpoint. The optimism of an entrepreneur is not blemished by the inevitable challenges confronted whilst staying focused and positive about your idea. The ‘fear of the unknown’ is likely to encourage people to react negatively to a piece of radical innovation, having the strength to be persistent towards your end-goal shows the commitment of any successful entrepreneur.

WalletTec is set to revolutionise the accessibility of mobile payments across Africa and beyond. This mobile wallet service integrates with any POS, e-commerce website, or mobile payment terminal. Mobile money isn’t just for one part of the market, but for everybody. (Johan Meyer)

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