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IdeaSquare: Hudway – Innovative Heads-up Navigation

Using your phone for navigation leads to hazardous driving, especially whilst negotiating adverse conditions. Individuals not in possession of premium vehicles often put themselves in danger by juggling a phone whilst driving in unfamiliar territory.

Since their inception, Hudway have enjoyed a growth pattern representative of their forecast. A highly successful promotion with IdeaSquares initiated the attention required to propel Hudway into growth. Expansion and improvements to the service have led to a rapid-growth phase with 150k new users over the past few months. This represents a considerable achievement due to the niche nature of Hudway’s functionality.

Hudway have developed an innovative solution to increase driver safety, transforming your smartphone into a heads-up display with their app. A premium feature found on high-end vehicles is now within reach for anyone possessing a smartphone by simply projecting navigation to your windscreen.


You may now give full concentration to the road ahead of you rather than distracting yourself with the more commonly used navigation apps. Additionally, Hudway provides useful information regarding your journey: current vehicle speed, distance to the next sharp curve, and where it is best to slow down. Supplementing this visual guidance, the Hudway voice assistant provides audio support for hazards approaching the driver’s course. Essentially functioning as a virtual co-driver similar to professional rally driving. ‘We stick to simplicity, so that you can grasp both visual and voice info in no time — and adjust your actions, if needed’ (Ivan Klabukov. Hudway)

An Internet connection is required to build the route, however, a route may be pre-loaded before setting off on your journey. Reliance on online maps has been a significant hurdle on Hudway’s R&D, especially concerning regional differences. The emphasis is on keeping the service affordable whilst offering a novel navigation solution. Travelling in areas with limited coverage where hazardous conditions are more prevalent is no problem for the Hudway app.

The success of Hudway has led to the development of merchandise associated with product development. This includes accessories and a dedicated HUD device (currently in prototype). The Hudway app has undergone major optimisation with a new fully offline solution due to arrive later in 2015. 2014 brought notable success for Hudway, successfully competing in startup competitions within Russia and beyond. Selection for the Web Summit in Dublin during November 2014 highlights the gathering interest of Hudway.

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