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IdeaSquare – Chainy: Connecting Creative People

A fantastic resource for seeking and showcasing creative talent, Chainy recently featured with IdeaSquares, and is enjoying significant growth, with a potential funding opportunity in the pipeline.

Chainy connecting creative people-1

Getting your foot in the door to a creative industry is beset with difficulty, competing with individuals reliant on personal connections to make that first impression. The finest talent can often be ignored in a frantic search for an opening to fulfil their artistic passion. The opposite is also true; professionals may struggle to seek enthusiastic individuals with the ideal characteristics relevant to their business.

Chainy have launched a creative networking platform, aimed at connecting enthusiastic talent to potential opportunities. A fantastic starting point for students studying an artistic related course, looking to gain practical experience, or individuals seeking freelance workers to fill their gap in skills. Chainy’s other unique selling points (USPs) include the grouping of all collaborative opportunities in one place, removing the need to sift through countless websites, and an option to cross collaborate on these job opening with the showcasing of talent through short videos for initial appraisal. Recently, a lifestyle user collaborated with a photographer working at the University of London for a photo shoot at the Saatchi Gallery.

The success of Chainy’s cross-collaboration is demonstrated by the intro video on their landing page having been produced by Chainy users! A recent development on the platform allows paid opportunities to be advertised alongside existing collaborative listings. The differences in application for creativity, whether it be a friendly musical collaboration for a new band, or a financial incentive for an aspiring model demonstrate the ubiquity of Chainy and its potential as a platform. Their commitment to the creative field resonates through their future goals:

‘Our goal is to make Chainy an ultimate online platform for creative people to showcase their work, discover amazing talent, get exposure to various creative opportunities, meet new people and work on their career in order to succeed together’ (Chainy).

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 10.16.27

The development of Chainy encountered difficulty with regards to their marketing capacity. The nature of the service dictates a large following to supplement growth and functionality. IdeaSquares provided promotional activity to achieve market discovery of a platform set to revolutionise opportunities in the creative industries. Following a success with IdeaSquares, the Chainy platform have enjoyed the recognition and initial due-diligence to be considered for raising money with a major SEIS investment fund.

Chainy are currently working on growing their client numbers by improving their user interface, simplifying the application process for seamless interaction amongst potential collaborators. A recent partnership with the University of Arts, London for the 2014 Creative Enterprise Week exemplifies the potential of these interactions.

Have a browse of the IdeaSquares’ homepage for more exciting startups, and feel free to add your own square!

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