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We’ve hit 1000 Squares! What can IdeaSquares do for your business idea?

We have recently hit a milestone with 1000 business ideas occupying IdeaSquares on our homepage. This process has pertained a constantly evolving innovative process on our behalf, a continuation of incremental improvements to our service will ensure an exciting journey to 10,000 squares!

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IdeaSquares aims to contribute awareness to your ideas; concepts that present a trivial solution to niggles in life, may in fact progress to an radical piece of intellectual property (IP). Without recognition however, these ideas will remain in the concept stage, potentially ignored to decay with the financial benefits they could potentially reap.

The straightforward service offered by IdeaSquares has provided 10% of squares in direct contact to investors or general startup enthusiasts with support and advice to offer. The startup sector is highly competitive, a nudge of support removes that tendency to become dispirited.

It is of course imperative to withhold the finer details of your business idea with regards to IP and pending patents, though disclosing the essence of your business model will ordinarily benefit your progression through the venture life cycle.

The IdeaSquares team has benefited from evolving our own processes in line with early-stage growth toward 1000 squares, establishing first-hand experience to assist clients on their startup journey. Following seed-stage survival requires commitment and determination to succeed with high cash burn, and little, or no revenue.

Progressing your business idea from seed stage is fraught with financial difficulty. A lean bootstrapping process still requires capital, marketing your idea on a virtual startup space will increase exposure, essentially providing a firm ultimatum on your idea’s market value.

The alternative funding sphere is growing at an unprecedented rate, unfortunately a large percentage of startups fail due to misrepresentation and lack of business acumen. Progressing your business ideas on the IdeaSquares platform can only increase your small chance of success!

If you have an idea to square, please click here to begin the IdeaSquares process

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