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IdeaSquare: One favor can change everything – Oweyaa

Oweyaa have recently finished their second round of promotion with IdeaSquares following the release of an updated platform.

The art of bootstrapping is fraught with expectations, but hindered by limited resources. Establishing your lean startup requires a network of individuals, working together, sharing their expertise in a mutually beneficial relationship. Oweyaa has taken this philosophy, applying it to a favor-sharing marketplace, offering cash free skill transfer – building relations as you collaborate.

Oweyaa have recently released their V2.0 platform, supplemented by new team members concentrating on design and business development. Two existing team members have been selected to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit this month, representing the biggest game-changers in entrepreneurship.

‘Posting a favor now only takes 40.40 seconds (we’re not even kidding, we timed it) – it is super simplified and easy to use’ (Oweyaa Blog). As shown below, members submit a favor request, offering a favor in return.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 07.51.35

With their V2.0 platform in action, the development of a mobile app is occurring to fulfil member’s ubiquity on the move. An iOS app has reached the testing stage and is due to launch by the end of October.

Building a user base has been the most difficult element of their development process, convincing people to partake in favor sharing network with just a handful of members

Fortunately, with the combination of their promotion with IdeaSquares and their own social media marketing, the community is expected to hit 10,000 users by the end of this year. The simplicity of the Oweyaa platform fits with their mantra – “one favor can change everything”.

If you are interested in the latest business startups – head over to to explore, rate, or add your own business ideas.

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