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Move your business idea forward: IdeaSquares

We have recently updated our website; improving the user interface, introducing innovative features to support your IdeaSquare.

The overall design has been sustained, most changes have occurred beneath the surface to address bugs and glitches – encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring, rating, and submitting IdeaSquares.

The most immediate visual development is apparent on arrival, with squares now sub-divided into three categories:

1.     Latest – The entire catalogue of IdeaSquares in chronological order makes voting and commenting on the newest ideas a simple task.

2.     Top Voted – In accordance with the accumulation of votes, an IdeaSquare may find itself in the ‘Top Voted’ category. Appearing in this category at the top of the page is a response to receiving the appraisal your idea deserves.

3.     Promoted – A premium service is offered to proliferate attention and feedback for your aspiring business ideas. Appearing in this category is complemented by marketing and business development services aimed at progressing your idea through the venture life cycle.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 09.57.56

Receiving immediate feedback from a network of individuals in the entrepreneurial field can provide vital assessment for your business idea.  Taking the plunge towards survival stage deserves adequate backing; our established network can facilitate feasibility and market value testing for potential funding opportunities.

If you have a business idea, click here to add your square and we’ll assist you to make it happen!

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