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Cross device browser testing from testize

Popular IdeaSquare ‘testize’ has emerged form BETA stage to provide a one-stop analytical service for the maintenance of your website. Their promotion on IdeaSquares has provided the attention and feedback to address the user experience for recognised clients including accenture and UBS.

The proliferation of mobile based browsing is forcing a push on businesses of any nature to ensure their web presence is consistent across devices and browsers. With ’70% of mobile searches leading to online action within the hour’ (Convince & Convert), choosing to neglect your website is not an option. ‘Web design grows old just like fashion. Just like big hair, high-top Reeboks, and square-toed shoes are a visual turn-off, a bad web design is a turn-off for your potential customers’ (5 Flaws in Website Design That Might Cost You Money).

The technical resources of many companies do not contain the expertise required to identify and address performance related bugs within their website. The testize platform provides approachable cross-browser diagnostics, with recommendations to improve user experience and hence increase ROI.

Initial free tests may be conducted to provide previews of browser compatibility and top recommendations based on the test report. For the purpose of demonstration, we ran the Testize platform on the website of a small SEO business:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.45.19

The visual results provide the user with instant feedback across all browsers and devices, accompanied by an overall rating determined by SEO, content, performance, optimization, mobile, and cross-browser functionality.

The premium service offered by testize  provides tailored instructions on fixing any issues determined through their testing. Alternatively, a professional service is available to ameliorate these problems.

The services offered by testize are essential for the growth of your business. With continuous incremental improvements being implemented following a successful IdeaSquares campaign, the opportunity to increase your site traffic and conversion rate has just become easier.

If you have a business idea that you’d like to feature in an IdeaSquare. Click here to make it happen.

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